About: What is ShopCrystalBox?

What is Shop Crystal Box?
     Well thank you for asking! Really this shop is just something i thought of to do in my spare time that might interest, and above all help YOU. I spend the majority of my time making videos & working on my upcoming books but i wanted a way to create physically for you too. Thus this website.
At ShopCrystalBox.com I really only offer a few things:
  • Crystal Pendants (Why? Because I've always found them beautiful. Seriously not for any acclaimed energetic or healing purposes, that part is for you to research. I just love how crystals look.)
  • Mala Beads: I import these from India & China and they are used mainly for meditation & chanting matras to keep the mind focused on a single point, instead of swaying from thought to thought. I really want the practice of Japa (chanting on Malas) to become a mainstream thing and so I sell these!
  • The Crystal Box Subscription: This is the main reason for my shop. This is a box full of stuff I personally think can help you when starting your spiritual journey! Now keep in mind, YOU DON'T REALLY NEED THIS BOX... That's the paradox of my shop haha! But at the same time i do think investing in yourself, by receiving a box each month with books, incense, mala beads, and spiritually oriented accessories can help many of us with a chaotic and busy daily life stay focused and mindful of our true connected nature with each other. By getting a new box each month i felt like it would empower you to want to make the most of what you got for the next 30 days so you are ready when the new box arrives! And of course once you have cultivated a mindful practice, you just cancel the box and you're good to go!

With this together a portion of proceeds from each sale go to multiple charities including: The International Society of Krishna Consciousness in Los Angeles to help feed devotees, to the Hollywood Vedanta Temple, and to the Love, Serve, Remember foundation created by Baba Ram Dass himself, with more to come in the future! So I hope you enjoy whats here! You are loved.


Ram Ram