The Meditation Manual! - Koi Fresco

The Meditation Manual is a straightforward guide created for beginners & anyone new to meditation, as a way to effectively explain just what meditation is, as well as what we are at our core. It sets out to show that by understanding our true nature, the practice of meditation is one that can help us move beyond the ego-centric life we live, and instead inhabit a space of peaceful awareness. Created as a result of practices that span powerful Hindu & Buddhist teachings as well as modern methods, Koi Fresco aims to show us that by finding a method of Meditation which works for us, and doing so simply without the unnecessary confusion most meditation books bring, we hold the ability to awaken & relieve ourselves from suffering, sadness, anxiety & more.


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Half life story. Half guide to awakening. "A (Not So) Enlightened Youth" describes the life of Koi Fresco and his methodology towards changing one's life for the better. From addictions to convictions and finally to a conscious awakening, follow the journey first hand as it transitions in real time. A journey that transforms into what Koi calls, "The Guide to Finding Yourself." As a creator of educational content online, Koi has amassed millions of views on his videos regarding science, spirituality, philosophy and more. This is Koi Fresco's first book.


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